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How you can fundraise for your chosen good cause.

In 2023, Legacy 300 are staging Cycling, Rafting, Rowing, Rugby, Cricket, Football and Netball corporate charity days hosted by national and local sports stars. These are being staged for good causes (including yours) to fundraise from your network. 


Following true to the modern idiom that money buys success, we will be rewarding those participants who fundraise for their chosen good cause with sporting rewards.


  • Every £100 in donation direct to charity or via auction gives your team a Sporting Reward. 


1) Buy Now Auction of UK wide sporting experiences and memorabilia

  • Using this method will see one bonus run/goal/try per match or time bonuses for every £100 raised this way for your chosen good cause.

  • We have sourced a supply of sporting experiences, memorabilia and VIP Lifestyle Experiences for you to generate funds for your good cause from. See as an example.

  • Every individual item sold will reduce the entry fee by £25.

  • Every OSC Team entry will reduce the entry fee by £50.

  • Every CSR Teambuilding package sold will remove the entry fee of at least one person.

  • OSC can create the auction page for your company to promote but payments must go directly to your charity team for maximum integrity.

  • There is no cost, risk just an obligation to promote and it has since 2012 raised over £530k for good causes

2) Just Giving type page for direct donations to your chosen good cause

  • Will see one bonus run/goal/try per match or time bonuses for every £250 raised this way for your chosen good cause.

  • Once you let us know who you are fundraising for, we can even set up the page for you as all money goes directly to your chosen good cause.

  • If preferred, each squad member can use this option to fundraise for their own chosen good cause – the sporting rewards gained will not be affected.


Simple request to make it part of the conversation you have with your supporters, it costs you nothing.

Please visit , we have been doing this since 2012, with ZERO cost to Good Causes, the One Sporting City events are ideal for corporates and individuals to fundraise for your good cause.



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